I was just browsing the internet thinking to myself. Hey. I wonder how pikachu would look shaved.

Using the DVD.com Mob namer it appears that my name would be Jonny "the Yak".

That sounds more cuddly then mean. "Hey. Youse guyses better knock that off.. the Yak is on his way and he is gonna wanna graze"


I allways have loved cyberpunk. Its getting closer... Combine that with advances like this and we could honestly be seeing some real wetware in the news few years.

I'm not a super huge art geek.. Some day I hope to have some nice prints in our house hanging up. Nothing too fancy. But this shit is really fucking cool! Just the way that he ties in live models with his artwork looks incredible.

Now.. if your thinking to yourself "Self.. that all looks pretty good. But.. I think they could really do more with it..". Well then feast your eyes on this. I think Leroy Roper's work is fucking incredible. Look at the way that he ties his models in with his painting together. Its fucking incredible... and then even sometimes he even works some cool scenery into it too. And I have a thing for dragons. So extra bonus points for this picture. Definatly check out the card gallery!

I love seeing boundries pushed. I love to see what happens when you take and mix things together. This shit is really awesome.

And since I didn't really have a "official" BLECH OF THE DAY yesterday I will give you two BLECHS OF THE DAY today!
Theres one. Number it is a little less blechy and more.. weirdness.. but still quite blech in the fact that this guy devotes so fucking much of his time to straight jackets. BLECH OF THE DAY NUMERO DOS
Oh yeah. And on a final note I want to say that I fucking find this site beyond funny.. Very very very good geeky humor about elements and such.

So thats it for right now. More tommorow. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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