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so i'm tired and stuff so quick post before sleepy time.

Oh boy

Lets see
Cory found this kick ass three dee nifty player thing wiht some bad ass superman movies on it.. and its all interactive and shit. GO HERE

I think I posted this earlier but I'm Not sure. If i did this is today sBLECH OF THE DAY

Oh man. This is your one stop shopping experience for all your defense needs for your family. I am going to get my sister a tazer for christmas..

AHAHAHA look at uss.. we are angry hairy butch lesbians and our site is devoted to taking old jokes about men and doing a find and replace and switching men with the word butch. How charming.

Today is a real treat for you guys. You get two (or three i'v rather lost count by now) BLECHS OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am going to oass out now

Oh yeah. Go listen to Jonsnews Radio!

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