What if the hokey pokey IS really what its all about?

Well. That kid that bashed me on his site posted a apology/defense on his site. So I will just leave it at that. My rant was a bit wrong and really not needed. But being one of the first things you see in the morning makes a insult just a wee bit worse.

Anyway. Check out this sweet ass shit! Build your own set-top box!

*drooooooooooooooll* oh god. If only this could play DVDs. This fucking ROCKS SOCKS!

Well. Its good to hear that old traditions stand the test of time.

Oh god. Now I definatly will not ever be able to watch willy wonka. Tim Burton AND Marlyn Manson. And in related Manson news.

AH like tahh blow stuff up realllllllll good now.

I've been saying for years the Microsoft hates jews! Now there is proof!

Well at least I didn't go wrong here.

Like we needed more reasons why george carlin is like britney spears....

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