New Orleans is sinkin. And I don't wanna swim.

I fucking love that song. Canadian rock kicks my ass.

If you are browsing around napster looking for ways to fill up your harddrive download some "tragically hip". You will not be dissappointed.

I have a tooth ache.
I so fucking cannot afford a dentist visit right now.
Oh man its hurting very badly..

Anyway. I am about to link to what I think may be the single greatest site on the internet. I truly feel that these guys are the absolute fucking shit.
I don't even know how to sum up all the feelings that this site brings up with me. Its just fucking awesome.

I used to be a really hardcore reader of Cinescape. I am glad that they have a strong web presence so I can start reading them again. *droooooool* lone gunman Tv showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh god.. This site is quite entertaining. And its not like they are EVER going to run out of bad fads to write about.

I work in tech support so I found this completely fucking hilarious. It kicks my ass.

This is pretty sweet. I love house of the dead and cool arcade shooters like that. I guess this is a really good way to help encourage good typing with kids. Or maybe it will just be scaring them away from it. And it fucking has Coop over LAN. Kick.

I read slashdot every day. I have for the last three years or so. I used to enjoy it alot more then I do now.. But this is pretty cool and funny if you read alot of /. stories.

I knew there was something disturbing behind the whole grinch who stole christmas hub-bub. Its evil I tell you.

I come from a really small town.. And my friends and I used to get REALLY bored. And we used to do some REALLY bad things.. But I think these guys were a little teeny bit out of hand..

I added a couple links to the left. One to Respect the Pussy. I love that site.

I never had a imaginary friend as a kid. I wonder if its too late to get one.

I find it funny that FoX said no to having a condom ad during temptation island. I mean.. that show is pretty much entirely paying people to try to seduce a married couple. I mean. Isn't that pretty much prostitution?

And of course to wrap it all up nicely. Your BLECH OF THE DAY Not only is it furry porn. Its just that little bit more that makes it beyond just a regular link and into the proliffic BLECH OF THE DAY

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