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I love soulcoughing. They are my favorite band ever

Well. I have been working on stuff around the site all day. As evident by the pretty menu on the site now (which by the way if you visited at certain times either wasn't there, someplace else, or making the site 49,000 pages long and wide). Its not complete so don't really mess with it. I mean.. you won't break anything but some links are in there like 5 times and other retarded stuff..
The open links in new windows then doesn't work for it either. (Thanks to scott for the new picture for the open links in new window thingy too). By the way if you have never noticed the little picture that used to be under the navigation menu on the right hand side. Thats the open links in new window thingy. Mouse over it for a explaination. I mean. If just calling it the links open in new window thingy isn't enough..
Oh yeah. That menu on the right is gone. Bye.

Umm what else. New banner thanks to scott and cory.

If you read scotts site too heres a update:
He got his laptop harddrive in. He has been formatting and reinstalling different versions of windows all night. So he will probably post tommorow night or I will make fun of him.

Uhh think thats it. Tired. More tommorow. Cold.

Note to self: When its still winter don't turn off all the heat in the house and leave the windows open for the cat while you are at work.

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