Logan watched her go, and banged his head on the bench. How the hell did you go about romancing Scott Summers?

BLEEEECCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHh Thats ruining my childhood. WOLVERINE IS NOT GAY!. NO. Fuck. Logan does not like to punch the man donut...

This however is really good. Its the Behind the music for alvin and the chipmonks!!! ROCK!

Click here for the weird word of the day. And then here for some pretty strange and cool dictionarys.

I found this really great interview with Soda Popinski via fark via i-mockery

I FUCKING HATE comet cursors. FUCK FUCK FUCKING HATE IT. Here is a good site with lots of information on reasons that its evil and how to get rid of it.

All your candy are belong to us.

Click here to find out your hobbit name!

Check out this site. It even has a entry for all your base are belong to us.

I think I have linked this before. But I really enjoy the Snoop Blog.

Make sure to check out the now official Harry Potter site too! I can't fucking wait for the movie.

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