Badda bing. Badda bang. Badda boom

Here is a pretty interesting article predicting the fail of the XFL. I for one am looking forward to it very much. However I don't have cable. So I am at a loss. And MeHead dot com has some other suggestive sports that the XFL can branch off into.

I bet you had no idea that picking your nose could be so dangerous!

I think this is quite possibly the best ISP in existance.

This is.. VERY ODD. I would honestly even call this the return of the BLECH OF THE DAY

Well ladies and gents. I think thats it for now. My girl is down and we are redoing my apartment and cleaning together and stuff. So I am going to try to do another quick post tommorw. Well see whats what.

Check out this site for some very cool games.

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