Fuck yeah I'm a play baby.

Soon after Scott and I first met at work when he started he said "God damn, your such a play baby"
Fuck yeah I am. I love shiney things and I love my toys.

I've allways been like this. I buy stupid stuff like spiderman web shooters and action figures all the time. I've talked and talked about the McFarlane figures here before. REally there are no other figures on the market that match the quality or the cool factor of them. These spidey figures get a little closer. They are pretty much the first quality marvel figures I have ever seen.

Hopefully you have all heard of the infamous Realdoll and the incredible Realhamster (note - the original site is down at www.realhamster.com but the link I provided has most of the pictures and alot of quotes from it so you will get the idea) and Realsheep. Now you can get your own RealAlien! Oh the things that you could do...

Sonic death monkey stands to be the greatest band EVER. Check out their homepage. MP3s coming soon!

I know some of you are into the crazy pictures and stuff *cough*joel*cough* so I definatly have to link this. There is some pretty funny shit on this site.

This is pretty sweet! a Cthulhu pez dispensor!

WOW! This guy REALLY knows how to motivate his employees!

Here is the best all your base are belong to us picture page. Check out the evidence links on the bottom!
And here is a page of Zany video game quotes! Who knows? You may find the next all your base are belong to us here!

I'm just going to go ahead and add this to my list of crazy shit I am sure I will get for my kids to disturbe them even more...

Heres a nice little dictionary for all of you working in a cube like I do..

And since I am the master of the 80's (fuck you scott) I gotta post this list of the top five songs about masturbation from the 80s!!!!

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