The end is near

Well. It looks like today may be the end for napster if The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco makes their decision today to end the file sharing program. So? Napster is going to leave. Something else will take its place. Probably gnutella or some offshoot of it. Something non-centralized. Gnutella could be ok if it had the userbase to warrent more devel. So thats kind of what I see happening. Everyone going to gnutella until it stops sucking.

I imagine that most of you have heard of the new Tom Hanks movie where he is stranded on the desert island called Cast Away. Well in the movie Hank's character has a "Friend" called wilson that he made out of a washed up volleyball, Well spending all that time alone I am sure that sometimes Wilson and he got into arguements and didn't want to talk to each other. And face it.. Wilson is a guy. Neither of them were gay. Hanks wanted companionship. He wanted someone to hold. Well even though they left these scenes out of the movie for some reason. Well I have dug up some pictures of some of these scenes. This is a extra special JonsNews special for all of you. Noone else has this pictures. These are pictures of Wilson's cousin Melly. Tom Hanks true love intrest in the movie.

Heres the site that originally got this whole idea started when I sent it to Cory last night and he came up with the whole cast away reference.

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