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At one time I was pretty big into the whole "your name tells alot about you and determines blah blah blah". Well it all sprouts from the Kabalarian philosophy which is pretty much this
"The Kabalarian Philosophy is non-denominational. It derives its name from the hebrew word "kabal" which means "to receive." In ancient Hebrew lore, numbers and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet were considered to represent forces of creation. "Kabal" means "to receive the estoeric knowledge of numbers and the letters of the alphabet" As they said the Hebrews study their holy text and analize them. For a really cool look into this check out the movie "Pi" (this is also a worthwhile flick to see because Darren Aronofsky will be directing the next batman movie. Check out the archives for my post about that.) *As an aside: I fixed the archives and got them all updated but in the meantime I broke the search on the right hand side. But I did so because I was working on putting up a new search thing*
The reason I bring up the whole kabalarians thing is because... WHY THE FUCK WOULD SOMEONE NAME THEIR KID THIS?

I find this bit o' news quite funny.

As a kid I allways wanted to be a mad scientist. Not a crackpot inventor so much.. But someone who did really evil things and held the good fight against the forces of good (that sounded redundant). I wanted to do neat things. I wanted to do evil neat things. I wanted to do insanely evil neat things. I wanted to hatch plans that would be thwarthed time and time again as I tried to blow up the moon, or put shrinking potion into the water supply. I never wanted to be a astronaut or a cowboy when I was a little kid. I wanted to be a motherfuck grade A mad scientist. I wanted to stay up all night in my castle lair and laugh insanely. I wanted giant Jacobs ladders hooked to things. I wanted to be a mix of Nikola Tesla and Cobra commander (Just not a stupid as CC)

But the college I went to didn't have a major in Mad Scientistism..

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