All of your bases are belong to us


Today for you I make the links friend.

Yes homesnake. I make the links good. Do you like-ah the links? Oh yes. Kids today.. they like-ah the links..

You and your crazy friends and your links.

I really don't know where I was going with that. Just one of those little violent thoughts that tears a fissure in your subconscience and won't stop clawing at hour thoughts until you get it out. I get them alot. I will get a thought or a song or a phrase or a picture in my head and I just can't focus on anything else until I somehow can reality-ize it. Give it voice, jot it down, draw it. Whatever. Am I the only one that has those? I remember one time when I got this silly image of vegetables in a garden rising up in rebellion against humans. They were picking up weapons against their captors. That thought is still in my head from about the time I was in like 8th grade. I still haven't gotten it out. I can't draw very well and I have never asked anyone else to draw it for me.
Its really vivid in my mind. The carrot leading them all with his bloody shovel in hand, All scar'd up and battle weary. The demon tomato with a pesticide can, laughing maniaclly.

Welcome to my brain.

Well. Ok. that was another good example. I sat and thought about that entire paragraph and I didn't even really want to write it. But as hard as I tried I couldn't think of anything else that I could write. So that just flowed out and now I'm fine..

Click here to see a video of the hottest girl on the internet!!!

Oh man.. Maybe I should have mentioned that that was todays blech of the day before hand.. Sorry.

Lets see what else I have for you before I leave for work.

Umm If you have never been to Crazy Grandpa dot com then you really should. Its VERY entertaining!

I do tech support. This is a really good article about how you should frame your mind and some things to keep in mind if you are in a position where you are trying to help someone. This really hit home with me. I think I was starting to lose sight of some of these things. I'm not the best tech there is. Noone is. But these things will definatly help me to be a better tech.

I used to play everquest. I had a little gnome illusionist that I really enjoyed playing. Cory and I looked into ahserons call and stuff to. EQ was graphically and gameplay superior, but I really think that AC has ALOT better story telling and cool things happening in game. But, regardless, in a couple months Anarchy online is going to blow them both away. And then soon after Ultima online two is going to blast everything else out of the water.
I was reading thru my daily sites and on something aweful I read this and I laughed:
Now, I don't want to sound wishy-washy or impartial here, but I fucking HATE Everquest. If the game of Everquest was an actual physical entity, I'd like to anally assault it with a spiked oven mitt while injecting Liquid Plumber into it's neck via a rusted hypodermic needle the size of my microwave oven. The entire game is like going into the world's most tedious job and performing the same task over and over and over until a giant beetle kills you.
Its true. I got stuck at 12th level and spent fucking about 4 weeks trying to get out of that level. I made and lost 13th level 34 times one night..
I think I quit the next day.

Some people think that duct-tape is a red-neck thing. I think of it as more of a geek thing. I guess its both. Whatever. All I'm saying is that I found a page that has ducttape clothing for sale and I needed some nice lead in for the link. I REALLY like the wallets.

I'm coming around to the microsoft way of life. Cory and I pretty much agree about everything about microsoft. I believe that linux has its place. Its not on the desktop though for most people. If you want to game use windows. If you want a mail server use linux. If you don't want to game and want reallly good sys admin abilities use linux. But I think how micorsoft is saying that they think open source is anti-american and should be outlawed. Thats pretty ass retarded. Fuck. If someone wants to make something for free and then give away the source so it can be improved. Then I say fuck it. Do it! Frees a damn good price for anything. Microsoft needs to just chill on the FUD. They just need to focus on making kick ass shit.

I love monty python. Its fucking great. Nothing else in the entire world has as good sound clips as them. So check out this site and download yourself some nice sounds for your computer. Oh. I think I am going to ask cory if I can put up his windows XP theme that he made. Its very tight!

So. You've decided to be evil. What next?

Heres a pretty fun page for you to play with!

I found this site last night at work and we all had a great time making fun of it. Definatly visit his "Fashion" page!

You think this guy may just be a red-neck??

I've been putting off linking to this. Its the current site of the week everywhere you look. But check out the "All of your base are belong to us" music video. Its really good. Somebody set us up the bomb!

OK.. and uhhh here we have uhhhh.. well.. its a uhhhh online comic.. that about geeks and their life.. but.. its got... oh god... They are all furries... Oh god..

AHHHHHHHHHH this is so weird I cannot find words in my lexicon that are sufficient to describe it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And speaking of terminally weird. You may want to check out this page too. This guy is FUCKING WHACK

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