hi! *looks around* I <3 this page, so when i (lexi from m00f.net) was offered a chance to post here i jumped at it. im not too familiar with how this posting system works so please forgive me if this screws up when i try to do this the first time...i cant really post much tonight, i have to be up and at my old high school for 7am tomorrow do edit together a video piece for one of my university classes, but i thought i would just stop by and say hello and that i hope to be posting lots of useless yet worthwhile stuff soon. im not a very interesting person but i love to ramble, so i should be amusing at best and endearing at worst *hopefully*

So, I better be on my way to bed (10:15pm it is, yes yes, im a baby). Sleep easy though, I will be back (i guarantee)

ps i actually changed my name on this thing but its not letting me see whether or not this worked so blablabla im frustrated *grrs* so if it just says lexi then great and if not then grr some more...i just made 50 cookies...anyone want some?

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