Happy valentines weekend.

Its that season again. Its humping season. So today I give you some hump-a-rific sites for you to visit!

If you can navigate it, this site will supply you with plenty of totally crazy japanese people doing crazy japanese things!

I really really really love exploding dog dot com. And this other site by Sam kicks my ass too. So get the fuck over to 1000 robots!

This controller looks super tight!
I mean it has a full keyboard ability on it!

I used to have ALOT of late fees at the library, but this is just silly.

To get you just a little moist I will start with this really great A-team fan fiction site! And then feast your eyes on this great news about the A-team movie!!!!!

And here is your VALENTINES BLECH OF THE DAY extra nubby for your reading pleasure!!!

Well thats it for now. I am going to spend a awesome weekend with girl. Happy valentines day!

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