"This just out of the pressure cooker a combination of pig trotters and boiled pork belly flavored with South African tea, veal stock, various mushrooms and Jinhua ham"

Oh god I sooooooo hope this is true!

My good friend scott. (Who finally read my site again last night) found this link and now I must worship him forever!

Here are some helpful hints for raising your kid.

Check out this pretty fun site. I made some pretty sweet super heros with this shit.

Hmmm I think I may have to make some bumper stickers as soon as I have some extra cash.

Are you interested in Fred's view on everything? I know I am!

I really like this site because it has funny stories!

So another week goes by and we are still not any closer to knowing what "IT" is.. I am hedging my bets on it being a new type of really fuel economic scooter. I guess this is a really good site to watch for any information about IT. Or you can just preorder it on amazon! Perhaps its a zero emmisions car? Naw that would just garner you death threats and stuff..

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The perfect present for the little ones in your life. A doll that is pregnant, has a baby, and breast feeds. BLECH o' THE DAY

GO TEXAS! I would love to be able to share this totally interesting yet totally depressing facts with all my cowerkers and friends. Bush is going to suck hard as president.

Umm Lets see. What else. Check out this kick ass X-Entertainment preview of the X-box!

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