I come bearing gifts of pretty things.

Oh god. Check this out. Its so very nice!! ooooooooooooo shiney!

I find this quite funny. The site is very humorous and it makes me laugh. Its kind of like what tom green would be doing if he smoked more crack.

This is one of the coolest error 404 pages I have ever seen!

I finally found a download for the alpha for winamp 3.0! God I remember when winamp 2.0 was just coming out...I'll be installing it tonight and will probably say how it is tommorow...

Right now I am heating up pop tarts on the back of my monitor. I am a fucking genius. Cooking on the back of your monitor is cool.

Oh god. I used to watch the monkees alot. I even had their old record I got from my mom BACK IN THE 80'S!!! and I thought they were cool But uhhh.. this is kind of weird.

When you think about someone talking about a nice jewish girl.. I would hope you don't think of this.

Here is a guide of how the FBI investigates computer crime. Pretty swank shit. Its cool.

Click here for the history of nudity.

And then click here to see if there are any castles for sale in your area...

Here is a site about cooking geek style. Pretty cool!

Well its time for me to train. Then its up to Girls after work for the night. So ta ta for now.

Ugh that was way lame. Peace.Nobody better set me up the bomb while I am gone. Hopefully the new fellow will post tonight too along with Lexi. So keep checking back.

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