I got some pretty cool shit for you today my loyal readers!

First of all check out this news about the next batman movie!

Dark Horizons has a blurb from Aronofsky's recent conversation with Cinefantastique magazine about his plans for Year One. The writer-director revealed that he wants to set the film in the 1970s and make it in the mold of The French Connection. The 1971 film, by director William Friedkin, was the first film in a new era of gritty, urban crime dramas. The film's drama is accentuated by Friedkin's handheld documentary style that brings the viewer into a more personal proximity to the characters

I am glad they are going to do something different with it. The first batman was awesome! The second one was allmost as good. The rest all stunk ass. fucking aweful.

I would so love to see keaton come back as the bat. As long as its not Keanu Reeves...

Toyfair 2001 started yesterday too! Today the first pictures and stuff are coming around. I am VERY excited about the McFarlane toys for this year. I wrote up about last years collection awhile ago and its in the archives, but this years. ITS FUCKING AWESOME! Definatly more of the same great McFarlane detail and awesomeness! I mean fucking A! check out the detail in this fucking Jaws figure! I plan on getting a few of these after girl and I get married to decorate our den.

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