ahhhhh How great is the internet?

Well. Its the only place I can find nice pictures of Mr. T looking deep and introspective.

This is quite possibly the most evil site in the world. I allmost ordered $2,348,837.75 worth last night. Evil evil evil my friends. The kind that only satan could be behind.

Here is a site with lots of reviews of whores.. Uhhh yeah.

Oh man. AOL/Time warner looks to be buying the rights of the muppets. Well the only good part of that is that they actively use their copy righted material. I would love to see another muppets show.

Adult thumb suckers. Babypants crib sheets would love this site I think...


I love the smoking gun. Heres the letter that the dog fucker submitted to the court to allow him to bring his "WIFE" into the court with him. Oh. She is very well behaved... They also provide us with this great thing. A Freedom Of Information request for any thing relating to using semen as a fuel source..

Well. I have to go make some calls and shit and go ship some ebay shit out.. So I'll post again after work. word.

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