well i FINALLY got my stupid computer back this morning, so i decided i would come back here right away and see what had gone on, and i noticed you all got a great description of bappe, so i figure well hell, im boringer than bappe so im going to make all of you read about me. so here goes! (reminder, im very boring and unoriginal so im just going to copy what bappe was describing)
i was born june 19, 1980, making me almost 21. i was born in north york ontario (part of toronto) and i still live about 20km from the city when im not in windsor, on for school (about 400km from toronto), i'll be finished my second year of university at the university of windsor in april. im 5'5 and my weight is my business, my hair is blue (naturally dark brown), my eyes are green and i have glasses heres a picture of boring old me. if youre interested in my personal life, i'm dating james from m00f.net we have been friends for 5 years, dating since 6 months ago and ive been posting on his page since its birth over a year and 4 months ago. i like every kind of music there is except heavy rock/heavy metal or country. i must remind you ill be 21 in june but i dont have my drivers license. i have a webpage formerly called Lexi's Waste of Time, now just called Lexi. because im unoriginal like that. i give it holiday themes (the most recent of which was a st patties day theme) because i get chunks of spare time that i choose to waste on my page. im a good student, and work for residence staff at my university. i was an academic don this year and will be the RA Academic next year. whats that translate to? basically im an RA for school questions and crap that the regular RAs cant answer because they havent been trained to and dont have time to either. i have a mom a step dad who is the only dad ive ever had and 2 great danes at home. i think volkswagons and audis are the best cars on the planet. ive had the internet for over 5 years and cant picture life without it.
now theres an information overload for you. haha. bet youre bored now arent you? just imagine being me. sucks eh? damn straight. did i mention im an internet adict? *shrugs* oh and im almost bilingual (english and francais, my bio dad is a francophone). c'est tout.

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