I like my sugar with cofee and cream.

I dig the beastie boys. They are tight shit..

Hopefully I can keep girl posting. Noone else has signed up for the mailing list yet. So get on it. Two posts down buddy. Three ways to do it. Zero excuses not to..

I fixed the slow loading problems we were having. But at the cost of taking out the commenting system. I will work on replaceing that too.

I think everyone at work and girl will agree that there are times when I could really use one of these.

This is fucking sweet! Check out the microsoft mouse art!!!

The next two links got emailed me by curtis. The first one Jackin world is a great site for all you lonely guys out there.. The second is the greatest list of drinking games in the history of man. But I don't think they have the Tech support drinking game.

And Joel found this and its very very very very pretty and shiney!!!

Furrybid. Its kinda like ebay for furry freaks. Blech.

Wow. This site is really really really lame. Make sure to check out their examples. Asking someone to marry you should be this big romantic thing that you do.. not that comes packaged on a website for you to just email to someone..

This lady chronicled all the advertisements she encountered throughout her day. Very interesting read.

OOOOOOOOooooooooooooo I may have to get this burned to audio. I fucking love william gibson. This would be mega sweet for the trip up to girls and back constantly...

Man... These things are mega badass. If I wasn't so fat and uncoordinated I would get a pair... Read this article about them too.

Shiney!! shiney!! shiney!!

I FUCKING WANT A CUSTOM MAGIC 8 BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And check out this guy who dissected a magic 8 ball.

Naked Volleyball. The URL is descriptive enough.

One of my favorite holidays, April fools day, is only a week away.

Woah. This is a pretty crazy idea. Its weird. It would be weird to see me on a card some day.. crazy

Scifi.ign.com has a good article up about ten of the best fantasy stories ever. I need to start reading more.

Check out survivor monster island!

Sometimes I can reallly groove to J-pop. and the pizzacato five are at the top of the game. Its a shame they are breaking up.. but they are leaving 15 years of fucking wonderful music behind them. J-pop is really cool. If you would like to explore this awesome genra of music check out some of these bands as well as the pizzacato five: Cibo Matto, Cornelius, Buffalo Daughter, Towa Tei, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Kahimi Karie, and Puffy. Even if you can't understand the words, you know good music when you hear it.. Music transcends language..

I honestly think this is one of the weirdest things I have ever found on the internet to date. I can't tell if its fake or really some crazy guy and his cat and his trailer outside pretty much 24 hours a day.. Creepy.

Well my neighbor just had a orgasm.. Good for her.... wait.. Make that two... The first was a gasping porn star orgasm. The last one didn't really sound that great. I think her man let her down the second time. But then again thats if she even has a man.
I think I should go put a big sign in their front yard that says "I heard you doing the wild monkey dance and posted about it on www.jonsnews.com. And all you got was some lousy public humiliation"
Fucking a! Now the walls are doing some thumping.. This is the play by play folks. Her guys making a come back. Shes moaning. Thump thump thump.. Wait. I think he fired his round off too quick. Poor guy.

Its funny. I made enough noise in the house. They gotta know I'm home.. plus I banged around in this room for awhile before they started bumping uglies.

Ok. I think they are finally done pounding ass. Back to our programming.

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