Things that make me tingle

For one. BrikWars. I am shitting myself. I want to play REALLY bad. I want to get a game together and play this fucking game.

Second of all. The lord of the rings movie. This is REALLY BAD ASS. Lots of pictures of it. Its going to rock socks.

Filling out ass-long surveys to get a free two liter of Dr. Pepper. Or the DP as Good ol' frenchie called it.

Some peoples incredible HTML skills make me tingle.

People who think they are from mars rock too. I used to be convinced I was not from earth as a child. I used to be riding in the car with my mom and I would be like "your not my real mom you know? Oh no.. My real mom lives up there (and I would point up to the night sky)." and then I would go on to describe in detail the life I had up there with her. I would describe her and everything. I mean in massive detail. The house we lived in.. everything. It must have been weird.. My mom has allways said it never made her feel bad... Just was weird hearing me tell her about this life I used to have. Past life regression? Was I really from another planet? Did I mention I was about 2 or three at the time so I didn't really have alot of life experience to be drawing all of this off of either... Pretty weird.

People coming up with truely descriptive domain names. Tingle fucking city

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics . Just a little tingle.

Butt Candles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the big list of things that did not make me tingly today.

Jumpsuits. Jumpsuit fans. Pictures of jumpsuits. Jumpsuits around the world. Jumpsuits on TV, in movies, and in books. Jumpsuits pro and con. Expert advice about jumpsuits. The true adventures of a guy who likes jumpsuits. What makes a good jumpsuit. I like NONE of these things.

Predator porn. BLECH Hosted by Furnation. Bringing you the best and most aweful furry sites day after day.

Crazy crazy crazy sites trying to save me from hell.

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY does not make me tingle. Neither does this associated link.

101 Testicle Recipes & Fun Facts. For obvious reasons.

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