Please.. A moment of silence for a fallen friend.

Today is a very dark day for me.

Today my palm pilot feel to his doom. His name was Hank. Hank the Handspring. He has been my side constantly for the last allmost 3 months. The 25th would have been our third month anniversery. In that time Hank has been indispensible to me. He has been there to tell me when I have something to do, or when I need to pay bills.

Right now I feel completely crippled. I can't write checks, I can't remember my schedual. I am what you would refer to as screwed. I need to buy a replacement screen and Hank will go under the knife. But that costs money. For now I will put a pooh bandaid on hank and carry him with me so that he will know that he is in my thoughts..

Ok. As I wipe a tear from my eye and tip up my Jolt and pour some on the ground for my fallen homie I feel a twing of remorse and guilt. I should have been there for Hank. I could have saved him. If only I had knowen, I could have at least said goodbye.

Goodbye Hank. I'll see you at the crossroads..

On the upside. They are rereleasing the HeMan: Masters of the Universe Action figures!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHH this is a 20 foot potatoe cannon. I am going to make one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet another sign that the world is coming to a end. "Sisqo and Bob Newhart to Star in Sitcom". I really loved the Newhart show. My dad and I used to watch it together all the time. And then there was that show that he played a comic artist in that was pretty good. But this.. this will be like STABBING MY EYES OUT WITH TINY LITTLE PLASTIC BARBIE FORKS AND THEN TAKING A MIXTURE OF SAND AND SALT AND MAKING LITTLE BALLS OUT OF IT AND THEN PUTTING THOSE LITTLE BALLS OF SAND AND SALT INTO WHERE MY EYES USED TO BE!

It would really suck to jump off a cliff and fall four hundred feet and survive just to land next to a badly rotted mushy corpse..

All your Mr. T are belong to us.

Real life bounty hunter stories. For when fake bounty hunter stories just won't do anymore.

UH. I am in a job with stress. I have to deal with my stress. I think I just found a new tool for dealing with that stress.

And to finish this post off. Here are the answers to all the questions you will probably never ask.

Check it out. Three new posts tonight. Lots for you to read. Something for all your tastes.
I would like to welcome Mr. Bappe as the newest poster for Jonsnews! Welcome. He will be bringing a little something new along with him to add to site. So yeah and stuff. Spread the word.

OI'm tired. Night.

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