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This has to be said. I just installed Microsoft Word 2000 a few minutes ago so I could write a research paper for psychology class. After it was done installed, took longer than a normal program to install, I loaded it up and I was greated by a stupid paperclip. The paperclip jumps around like a moron and tells you tips and shortcuts on how to work in Word. I knew he was going to be there so when he first popped up I right clicked on his ass to get rid of him, but I found something interesting.. You can change what the assistant is. I scrolled through the the assistants, I found some need things. Theres a dog, robot, the stupid microsoft puzzle thing, a globe, a little old guy that looks like einsten. But almost at the very end of them I found the BEST one.. a little cat named Links. He's the shit. Now I really hate Microsoft for putting links in the back of the line of assistants and making that paperclip the default assistant. Screw you Microsoft... if you don't watch out, Links will become a new Linux mascot and then where will you be huh? Holding your stupid paperclip, thats where.

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