A little bit about bappe

Since i'm new to the site i guess i'll tell you guys a little bit about myself.
-i was born on july 27, 1983 in lexington, nebraska which makes me 17 and in my 11th year of high school.
-i'm about 5'9 and 180 lbs. brown hair blue eyes. size 12.5-13 shoe.
-i currently live in the same house i've lived in my whole life.
-i attend cozad high school. our teams are called the haymakers, don't laugh to hard.
-i play football for the haymakers, middle linebacker and offensive guard. i hate offense though. i'm #65.
-i suck at math and chemistry. i excel ay weight training, straight A's.. hehe(well, until i busted up mr wrist)
-favorite thing to do is hit the rocky mountains on a pair of skiboards.
-i've been a part of internetrage since the beginning.
-rach, also part of netrage, is my girl :-)
-i'm into music such as: slipknot, static-x, the union underground, rob zombie, papa roach, godsmack, linkin park, disturbed, limp biskit, nine inch nails, etc.
-good movies: the matrix, fight club, the skulls, final destination, and a bunch of other shit i can't think of right now.
-i love chinese food, crab ragoon is the best. and of coarse everyone loves pizza..
-i live out in the country with both parents and a sister. we have 2 dogs, 2 horses, and too many cats.
-i drive a black '78 datsun 280z and i own a kawasaki jetski.

Well i hope that's enough info to satisfy your curiousity cuz i can't think of another damn thing ti say about my boring life. Any questions, feel free to email me any time about anything. I will try to always reply. Have a fantastic life.. Later.

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