More Matrix Movies...

So did you hear? they're making two more matrix movies, and the original main characters will be in the new ones as well (according to entertainment weekly anyways).

Did anyone ever wonder what happened to that group All Saints? Apparantly not only did they break up, but now their former members are going around telling people that they wont be getting back together anytime soon.

Here's another creepily weird rumour: Bono and Donny Osmond are going to do a duet together...*snicker*

Here's an interesting page: kill the bug(aka kill that little network symbol in the corner of the screen when you watch nbc or cbs etc)

In other anti-tv related areas, you can go here and see a webpage which is "dedicated to exposing television for what it is: An addictive device which keeps the lower classes subdued; a perpetuator of violence and materialism; and a silent destroyer of intellectualism"...*yet again i snicker*

thats all for me for today, im busy packing to go back to school, no more reading week *sigh*

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