Welp, i'm going to attemp a post. I'll try and tell all about my surgery today. I remember most of it since they didn't put me under.

To start off the day i wake up at 8am to find the electricity is out and there's a nice little blizzard outside. I was determined to get my surgery done today. The nurse was surprised i even showed. We arrived at the hospital at about 9:30 and got put on the bed with an iv and hooked up to the moniters almost immediately. They asked me about eleventy billion questions while i was laying there and she was entering the info into the computer. We were ALMOST freekin done when the damn power goes off and shuts down the freekin computer. The nurse cusses out the computer and we go through it all again with paper and pencil this time. All the way through this the lights were flicking all the time. Kinda freeky.

She shaved my arm and rubs some kinda sterolyzer all over it.. yellowish brown gunk(i'm guessing it was sterolyzer).

The anesthesiologist came in and looked me over for the block they were doing on me(i'll further explain later). Felt all over in my armpit for my main nerves i guess and told me i was gonna be an easy one, those were some of the most encouraging words of the day:).

He leaves and i lay there for a while longer.. i had to piss bad! I get freeked out cuz ny room was right across from the 2 op rooms and in one i hear a guy start like moaning loudly in pain.. not what you want to hear when you're 2 surgeries away.

A nurse finally checks in on me and i relieve myself and she informs me i've still got an hour an a half wait.. this is probly at 12, i was sposed to be in surgery at about 10:30! I ask if i can go watch tv in the small waiting room just outside where i'd been laying. I watch some daytona 200 superbike race for i don't know how long. The anesthesiests come and get me finally and stick me in several places under my armpit with this freeking huge needle. They do this all the way into my bone. Hurts like hell. This probly the most painful part of the op. After this i don't feel a thing. Truthfully you can't even tell you're arm is there. It feels exactly like its been amputated.

After a bit longer they take me in and i switch to the table. They get everything set up and i have a nice chat with the nurse and anesthesiologists and joke around a bit.. that "happy drug" they loaded me up with works wonders:). Then we argue over what music we're gonna listen to while they slice and dice me. Dr. Meyer wanted country, the doping guys(anesthesiologists) wanted led zepplin and ac/dc stuff, and the nurse, Kasey(not bad looking at all, not near as good as rach though;) ), and i wanted a little more modern stuff. We got our way of course.

During the op i never felt a thing and was wide awake.. just a little doped with the "happy drug". Every once in a while i could feel like a tendon or muscle being tugged on like higher up in my arm. That's something you don't get to experience everyday..hehe. Kinda cool, not near as cool as my arm feeling like its not even attached though. Through the whole thing i talked to the dope guys about all sorts of different stuff. One was just a student. Everyone there was really nice and pretty cool people. They made it actually kinda enjoyable for the most part. I was pretty relaxed the whole time believe it or not.

He finishes up and puts me in a cast/splint deal and they wheel me back to my little cubicle. The nurse asks is i want anything to drink(this is at 3 and i hadn't eaten or drunk anything since supper last night). I'm like HELL YES! A mountain dew would be great!.. and she actually brings me one. These people kick butt.

They keep me there for another half hour and then the nurse helps me get dressed(had a pair of shorts on under my gown the whole time, this wasn't kasey:( ).

We go shopping at the mall for a while and i'm feeling all happy and high and stuff then suddenly the numbness starts wearing off so we rush to wallyworld to pick up my painkillers, which i was desperate for. I also snag a big mac meal and mc d's, i'm famished. Oh yeah, i get more warp mints at hastings too. Then i go home. It hurts like hell now. I guess they made about a 2 inch insision on the top of my wrist and put the screw inbetween the 2 broken halves of the bone. It's spised to help gradually pull them together. Its a permanent jobber.

I go back friday for a checkup. They will remove the stitches and slap on a cast. Anyway, i feel pretty well at the moment considering it wasn'y real long ago that was sliced open. Arm hurts like hell but painkillers are a savior.

p.s. took me 2 hours 45 minutes to type this one handed with interruptions to chat here and there. i'm beat!
p.p.s. if you go to netrage you'll see this same post. i think i have arthritis in my right hand after typing this and i wasn't feeling up to typing something original for each site.

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