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Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate the past 10 years. It has come a long way, but it will come to a sudden end if these companies don't get their heads out of their asses and take a look at the big picture. Mainly with the computer hardware side of the ladder, we see products released by the same company, to do the same thing, but just slightly better. Or in the same year they will release something 10X better than their previously released product. The main reason behind this is to make money. They release the first product, set the price of it sky high, then release the second product and drop the price of the first down and set the price of the second product to the first products initial price. Doing this gives them a very steady income that looks great in the books. They way they SHOULD be doing it if they had the consumers heart in mind, would be to not even worry about the first product, shoot for the second one, make it 100 times better than they had planned because they spent that much more time in development on it. Make the price considerably lower because they dont' have to worry about funding the first product, and give their full attention to that product on the support side. After that product has been designed, made, released to the public, and a period of 3 months after, then they should start work on the next product. This gives the software developer time to create for the hardware. This would also give the consumer time to play with the new gadgets before the next one comes out. I don't know about you, but when I buy something that is top of the line, and something that is a whole hell of a lot better gets released by the same company a few weeks later, I get pretty pissed off at the company.
This is also followed by the software companies. One such company being Micro$oft. Not even a year ago, they release Windows Me. Now a new OS is being released at the end of the 2nd quarter of this year. So a year later they are replacing their old product. What does this say? That they released a P.O.S.? Why didn't they just nto release it, spend time in development on windows XP when they were working on Me and XP would have been released a lot sooner than it was? I know that I could have stuck with my trusty Windows 98 for one more year, and with what I've read in a lot of newsgroups, a lot of other people could have too.
So what do we do to remidy all of this? The first step would be to give the CEO's of these companys full frontal lobotomys and cut off all the fingers of the engineers. This would slow down the companies enough to give the beta testers plenty of time to test stuff out, and to give us, as consumers, plenty of time to feel less ripped off. The last thing I would do, just because it would be cool, would be to make Micro$oft give me their source code and have it printed on toilet paper. So after I was done reading it, I could put it to good use.

Thank you, and thats my 2 bits.

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