Fuck you format city. You can eat my ass.

Well I made joel do the format for me. hehehe So that was pretty cool. I just sat back and he told me when it was all done and I was like.. sweet.

So thats over. It was painless. And we got my floppy drive wroking to boot. I will lever doubt CJ's abilities again. He said it was the cable being flipped over and it was the cable being flipped over that was causing the issue.

So uhhh just a quick update and some links before bed. My good friend scott brought over a love seat for me and a lamp and we played mario party and watched Little Shop of Horrors (I had forgotten how much I fucking LOVE that movie) and it was a good day.

Girl gets back tommorow morning. I don't get to see her, but at least she is back. So things will be all back to normal. Except for my massive ass amount of debt I am in right now.

I had some more of that hashbrown casserole and it kicks ass.

And I found this sick ass site yesterday. I find it VERY disturbing. I would say its even the BLECH OF THE DAY And if by the end of looking thru it, if its not disturbing enough and you haven't gotten to her background make sure to check it out. It just warps it more.

Here is some REALLY REALLY REALLY geeky humor. I mean. If you aren't into science its not going to be all that funny.

Who would have thought that About.com would be the definative source for kitty pr0n?

And speaking of cats. I have been meaning to work in a plug for this site for quite awhile. Its cooooooool

Well. Scott left some movies over here for me to watch so I can stop watching x-men over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
I think I am going to throw James and the Giant Peach in the VCR, lay down and fall asleep right about after the credits.

Tommorow I will be around fucking around, cleaning the house and going thru all the links I have let build up. So expect alot/big posts tommorow. Night night.

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