FreakJobs abound

Sites like this disturb me.

This has to be the most.. Politically Incorrect and off the wall fetish EVER!

I'm all for safe sex. Go safe sex!! but.. What the FUCK?

And penis costumes?? I mean.. But.. Never mind.. I'm not even go into details about my penis..

If your looking to have some fun. I would say high voltage is the way to go.

I think that whatever dude has nailed ALL the points of not wanting to see the horror that is the upcoming scoobydoo movie

I've allways drawn the line at playing pranks with pot. For reasons like this.

Heres a panicy japanese response to mir flying over head. And heres a link to the mir reentry site.

Nothing says religion like BOOBS

Oh god. I so wish I had money to waste on this! I wish I had money to waste on anything..

Well. I'm going to bed.. Hopefully Jamie will be down here when I get up..

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