Well. Today is sucking it hard.

I woke up early this morning to some schmuck who had a mouth full of shit. And he was saying what I could only intrepret as "Is Mrs. Cockandballs there"

So having just been woken up by this schlepo I responded with a utterly coherant "Whaaa?"'


I go. "What? I can't understand a fucking word your saying buddy"

He got a little irate at this point. Repeating it in his mush mouthed slur even louder. I think he may have been yelling..

At this point I am semi awake and say "Listen fuck-o. I think you got the wrong number.. thanks for calling"

In that post yesterday I forgot to actually link Internet Rages site. So here is a link!

Crikey!!! Want to learn how to talk just like the crocidile hunter!! Then click here!

The worst one hundred films ever according to the IMDB. Now most of these I agree with (santa with muscles, Problem child 3, Theodore Rex). But some of these are great movies (Baby Geniuses, Santa Vs the martians, and Police Academy: Mission to moscow) PAMTM Deserved a fucking academy fucking award for chrissakes. Some people have no class now-a-days..

Some day I hope my family and I can have a nice peacful existance on Dildo Island..

This link is for stewie. Pimp....

Well.. Thats all I could find so far.. My day is super atomic mega shitty so I am going to go play some Red Alert two or rocket jockey or something and hten see if there is anything new on the internet.

Post shit in the fucking comments too. It would make me happy.

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