Sweet Googly Moogly

Not having any hair on your head makes you quite cold. My hair has never been this short in my entire life.. but its well worth it cause girl really likes it and she keeps playing with my head so i plan on having this haircut for a looooooooong time..hehehe

I just saw two of the most fucked up videos ever. MTV just playd Butterfly by Crazytown.. which is a song I like.. the video is ok.. then they follow it up by (I think) L.D.50 by a band called Mudvayne. THEY ARE FUCKED UP AHHHHHHHHHHh I'll find pictures to post later. I was scared. Then I saw the video for I did it by DMB which is a seriously fucked up video too..

Girl should be home from school soon.. So lalala more later.

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