Rocket Jockey is quite possibly the greatest game ever.

It is so fucking incredibly fun. And the best part is since its abandonware you can get it off the underdogs for free. A good price for anything. Heres a link directly to it. And while you are there be sure to fucking browse around the underdogs site. It has fucking assloads of old classic games there to enjoy. I suggest Masters of Magic as well, OOOOOoooooooo and the Goblins trilogy!!! they are great puzzle games.

The last couple days I have been recieving quite a few hits from a couple web pages. I would like to thank anamal dot net and Internet rage for plugging me. If this is your first time here just keep checking back. I post my crazy links as often as I can. But sometimes only once a day. So you know. Just like.. keep coming back and stuff..

I'd like to say that the guys over at Internet rage has some fucking MAD skills with php and shit too. Their layout is ass tight and the entire site is fucking awesome. I am quite impressed. Its fucking ass awesome, Fucking shiney as fuck all. Very nice.. And speaking of layouts. The Kult has a new layout and its quite nice as well

Oh. And to the persont that found me by searching for pokemon sex. FUCK YOU. I was searching for a good page for you that I was going to be all nice and link and everything and while combatting popup banners from hell I accidently lost this entire post and had to retype it. So because of your perversion and my kind soul you made me actually do some work. So fuck off buddy. Or not. If you like it here stay and stuff.

Oh fuck.. lets see what else I have. Oh yeah. Just a little thing I like to call the COMBINATION OF TWO OF THE GREATEST THINGS EVER!

On the flip side. This is one of the most aweful things ever.

The other night cory and I checked out all the new trailers on dark horizons and we saw one for Series7 and we were like WHAT THE FUCK?? Well here is some info on it for anyone interested...

Its kind of neat how some things are just hidden a little out of site. I mean look at this great piece of anti microsoft propraganda if you go to emofree.com and maximize the browser. Read the title. Great anto MS stuff. Heres a screen shot of it too. Thanks to cory for pointing this out to me.. its fucking great..

THIS. This is a aweful horrible disgusting page. Enjoy. Click on all the links at the bottom for the different sections.


Here is a good article with American McGee about his creative process in making Alice.

Ok. I think thats about it. More tommorow.

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