Today was a good day.

I don't know why either. It started off sucking BAD. I still haven't heard from girl since friday night..well.. early saturday morning..
But work tonight.. was.. ok...

It kind of felt like it used to feel for a little while. I was in a good mood and everything was right there for a little while. I'm still trying to pin down why...

There are a few reasons I love the kult. One is that they post crazy shit like this.

I fucking HATE the banners In icq.. I fucking HATE banners in general. People have suggested I put a couple up on my site to make some cash. No way. This is something I really enjoy and I strive every day to make it something that I would enjoy coming to everyday. Banner ads aren't something I like to see... It appears i'm not the only one who thinks this way. Since ICQ is getting hella feedback about their fucky ads.

*JIZZ* Thats how everyone is reacting about it. I think they suck. 3com is ass now. As unxmaal put it:
Unxmaal: palm's a buncha fuckers now
Unxmaal: 1. all new palms will have 4.0 . no old palms can get it.
Unxmaal: 2. the expansion cards are overpriced and solely there for SDMI
Unxmaal: 3. there's no real new featurs

And then from here he went on to BLOW MY FUCKING MIND

Unxmaal: think about the trgpro
Unxmaal: cf slot
Unxmaal: what'll go in those?
Jonsnews6969: i would jizz
Unxmaal: hehehehe
Jonsnews6969: link!
Unxmaal: www.trgpro.com
Jonsnews6969: and they run the palmos?
Unxmaal: yesh =]
Unxmaal: lookatit!
Unxmaal: at it
Unxmaal: not.. look, a tit

You know what else? I used to like Daft Punk ALOT. They were.. original and unique (Around the world is one of the greatest songs like that I have ever heard. That whole cd ROCKED SOCKS). Yesterday I heard one of their new songs refered to on the radio as "The feel good song of this summer" FUCK THAT. And it was on the fucking crappy crap crap shit station around here that I heard it said on too. Listen to the webcast. You WILL hear shaggy within a hour. And then within another hour you will hear him about three more times.. this is jammed between the rest of the hour trying to get all the new britney spears, backdoor boys, and fucking new kids on the block crammed in there...

I just saw this site linked over at the crawlspace and figured I would link It. Its pretty cool. Plus she digs spiderman so bonus points there..

The japanese have some VERY fucked up TV shows. I wish I lived in Japan.

I'm all about a womans choice for abortion, Not ALL the time though. If it was a consentual thing then fuck you. Have the kid. If you were stupid enough to get knocked up your not going to end a fucking life because you couldn't remember to take your pill or you couldn't wait to squat on your boyfriends cock until you could get a condom. If the child is from something like rape. Its understandable. But aborting because your 12 and don't want to be responsible for you actions is complete and utter BULLSHIT. I have ALOT of respect for this guy. They were fucking going out. They decided to have sex. It may have been accidental. But unless you aren't taking precautions then there is no such thing as accidental. Fuck yeah. I hope he wins and she has to carry the baby to term. I don't agree with the laws that say that kids can get a abortion without their parents knowledge... bullshit. Its shit like this that makes our society so fucked up. A fucking 7th grader can go fucking be a slut and let her boyfriend into her panties and fucking fuck all she wants. No worries. You get knocked up you can just go get a abortion. Hit reset and play again.
The world is fucked up sometimes.
Sex is something meaningful and beautiful and meant for two growen adults (more if your kinky) that love each other.
Kids are meant for a couple that loves each other with all their hearts and plans to love and care for the child in the same manner.

And if you don't agree then fucking say so in the comments shit at the end of the post. Its there cause I want to fucking hear from you guys.

I fucking love Voltnet. Any site that shocks the shit out of stuff gets my respect. Especially furbys!

Welcome to todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!!! Of interest here are the galleries where you can find this picture and this picture(say. weren't you in metal gear solid?).

If you have never been to suck.com I suggest it. Their rants are some of the best.

Also you need to check out afrosquad. I remember when this site was just starting...

Still looking for a way to beat the man in the napster game? Heres another tool

Unxmaal also clued me into a fucking awesome recipe tonight. Its in the recipe section. Quick easy and good.

Still no girl though =-(
haven't talked to her in about.. three days now.. tommorow is day four..


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