Why has my god forsaken me ?

I have some VERY sad news. UO2 - Ultima Online 2 has been canceled. Fucking Electronic Arts, the same retards who make the WCW Games, thought that the money and energy best would best be served redirected in to Ultima Online since they already have a user base of 230,000 players and with UO The 3rd Dawn coming out, I am sure they didnt want to be over shadow or at the worst compete with themselves.

Here is a quote from one of Cynthe, the Community Coordinator:

Obviously there's no easy answer as to why the game's production was halted, and I know many of the community members want to hear a reason that they can understand. Unfortunately, it all comes down to what is best for the company, and for our future in the online games market. In Ultima Online, we have a game that has grown exponentially beyond our expectations, and has 230,000 loyal subscribers currently. Considering the success of UO, we took a good long look at ORIGIN and came to a hard realization. We had a long way to go before the game would be ready for testing, and the resources that would be required to finish the job were huge. The payoff would be a second game, where customers would be expected to start anew, running directly in competition with Ultima Online, which is still growing at this time. The resources that would have been required to complete ORIGIN will instead be refocused into Ultima Online, making sure that we can expand and support it for some time to come, and still keep our ccurrent subscribers. As for the other studios, EA will continue to put resources into MMOG's, like Earth and Beyond, MotorCity and the Sims Online.

So its fucking over, now I am stuck with that feces belching Yak scrotum -
Everquest or nothing else for quite awhile.  Yeah sure there are other
online roleplaying games coming out, but UO2 would have been EPIC !

Damn, Damn, Damn !

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