I'm half assed tempted to download IE6 again..

Man. What do you guys think of this?? If I went thru the hassel of figuring it out would you use it? Drop a comment. And sign up for the damn mailing list.. ONE person has so far... So sign up. I'll be sending links that I don't post here to it rather soon..

I used to have this toy. It was fucking awesome as I remember it.. I wish we still had crazy ass toys like that now...

I've been watching the advances in wearable computers for the last couple years. I'm getting more and more exiceted for it to hit the main stream....

In todays crazy job market its good to know that job security is just a photograph of your boss with a hooker away..

Its comforting to know that there are crazy assheads out there that will gladly take a $175,000 piece of hardware and turn it into a FRIDGE. You sirs are my heros. And be sure to check out someone who did quite the opposite.

Joy. Its nice to know that not only is the biggest asshole in the country trying to fuck up our relations with other countries, he plans on fucking things up REAL good right here too. Hmmm lets see. Is it really a good idea to open up fucking millions of acres of our national forests for logging and oil and mining? FUCK NO. God this is going to be a royally fucked up four years (Free registration needed for the aticle. Just uses jgilmour69 as the username and pass if you don't feel like registering)

Before MTV picks them up and they get all popular and the fucking shit ass radio stations pick them up and ass fuck our ears with them I just want to say that Saliva ROCKS..

HAHAHAHA GO CALL THIS PHONE NUMBER!!! 1-866-477-9246 Its funny. I think I've heard of it before though.. heheh good stuff.

Ok. Thats it for now.. more later.

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