Well, I'm taking a break from my spring break vacation in Guam to post to JonsNews.
I spent the weekend celebrating my 21st birthday, mainly saturday, the 17th. Yes, I turned 21 on St.Patricks day and it was freakin sweet. Well, not that sweet, could have been better, but I enjoyed myself. Before now it was like "yeah..." but from here on out(or until i'm married) It will be "WAAHOOO.. Its my beer, pass me another birthday guuuyzz!!"
After getting sloshed at a bar, my friends and I went to a strip club. There we were greated with hot faces and even hotter bodies. Even though these woman get up in front of you and dance naked, don't be fooled.. they are buisness woman. Thats thier job and they are damn good at it too. They will do anything to get into your pants, but not to play pocket jockey. They want whats in the back pocket.. your money. Being the successful buisness woman that they are, they can flash stick their breasts and ass in your face and before you know it your broke, and for what? To get teased? Hell I could go rent a porno for $3.99, but with the porno I can rewind the damn thing and watch it again and not pay a cent heh.
Don't get me wrong, I love having a chick dancing in front of me wearing nothing but a smile. That night I only paid $13 so I can't complain, it pays to have friends with some flow, but damn.

And now for a moment of silence. I know its a little late for this Jon, but I thought better late than never. I'm going to give my regards to Hank the Handspring. I was there to wittness his untimely demise. It was like a movie in slow motion.. falling.. and falling.. and then BANG.. I could have swore I heard a muffeled cry of pain. So to you Hank.. I hope you have a good afterlife filled full of Lithion batteries and hundreds of moduals to swap at your hearts content.

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