Work and a science project

Tonight at work was really cool. Remember how a couple days ago I got my hair cut? Girl mentioned it in her post and I think I did too. Well tonight at work we had some fun with it..
Check out my best friend headface. Hes a pretty nice guy. Has a really cute smile.. Oh yeah. He was a sailor at one time...

And click here if you want to see a picture of my ass.

Second part of this is your Jonsnews Science expirement.

Go to you kitchen and see if you have any cornstarch
if you don't go buy some.
Second take a cup of the stuff and put it in a bowl
add a little water and mix
If its clumpy add a little more water
if its runny add more cornstarch

Do this until its kinda pastey

what you have is the most incredible element knowen to mankind. If you put pressure on it it becomes a fucking solid. If you let the pressure off it becomes a liquid. Pick some up and squeeze it and crumbles. Stop squeezeing and it oozes thru your hands....
Its fucking coolk..


I find it funny that this guy is a college professor and he thinks that the moon rock is going to give his sword some magical properties.

Anyways. Cory and I just got done with a really good game of AOE2. He so had me if he hadn't have left his front so open... AOE2 rocks socks..

I'm tired. Cory says I need to post more exciting things about my life.. I got the new ASS catalog and I am going to read that and go to bed so I can have a exciting day tommorow..


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