Just a quicky eh?

Its midnight. Yeah I'm hardcore. If I don't get to bed soon I'm mega assfucked come 9am tommorow morning. 9 am is a god aweful time to be aware.

But I have some very important things for you guys...

The first is this site. I want you all to go here and absorb the awesomeness of it all.
Actually. Its terminally disgusting. I guess today was made for sick links. I mean.. what the fuck is up with this site. Big red swollen puffy gross labias don't really thrill me. And to call it the next big thing in pr0n. Yeah right.

And then head over to this site. I bet you cannot browse thru the pictures and not chuckle at the incredible looks this guy is giving as he HUMPS BALLOONS!! AHHHHHHHH and to boot he kind of looks like Zangief off of street fighter.

Even though I was never a big fan of their systems. Sega made some cool ass toys. And these will definatly rock.

And uhhhh I can't even really describe this. Uhhhh. Just go here. Its good.

And here is your furry link for the day. Now settle down. These nut jobs actually even got married in their furry suits. Wacky.

And I have been meaning to post this for quite awhile. I love milk so I personally think they should fuck off. But if they hate milk that much and it spawns a gross site then more power to ya.

ok. Time to go play Dragon warrior for about ten minutes and then get to bed.... Yeah I'm fucking hard core....

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