yes thats right, i suck

i have a feeling like im going to get "eeked" if i dont post, my apologies for not being the most reliable poster but not only is it crunch time here at school, its soon to become exam time (in about 2 weeks...), plus ive been sick and my excuses really dont matter i know. Anyhow, as if all this school crap wasnt bad enough, my SO CALLED best friend decided to start dating and fall in love with my ex while i was having my computer fixed (thats right, in about 4 days they fell in love...HA!...my personal belief is if it isnt instant, it takes at least 3 months, but thats just me). i dont have much to say today, it was like 60 out today (WOOHOO...thats 15 celcius for you canadian folk like myself), i handed in a paper, got another one back, and did a presentation, so im about talked out but i thought i'd post anyways to say to those of you who are still in high school that DONT THINK THE PETTY IMMATURE CRAP STOPS WHEN YOU GET TO COLLEGE, IT JUST GETS WORSE!!!
Those are Lexi's words of wisdom for the day, have a good one!

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