Wow. I am coming up with some really original titles these last couple days.

Now this site is... weird. I think. Ugh. I don't know.. Words are escaping me. I usually have a good handle on the english language. But.. Just go. Just go to this site and sit and awe.

And then check out this equally awe insipiring site.

Hmmm A christian first person shooter.. Uhhh

I just got off the phone with my sister. We talked for like a hour. It was pretty cool. I'm trying to get her to give me all my legos that she stole from me years ago back to me so that I can play brikwars sometime soon.. But I don't think she is going to =-(

I also saw this linked over at silicon gelica and got playing with it again. I found this site a LONG time ago and made some really crackhead looking shoes and posted them when I first started this site. I think it was like my first week still. Girl wants me to get some new shoes.. They are a little pricey but I pay close that that for a good pair of shoes normally. But then again I'm cool I had nike pumps when they first came out.

I also found this over at SG and I am going to link it for my good friend scott.

Oh god. Don't get me wrong. I love pop up videos. But this just screams bad idea.

I hate when you are on the shitter taking a poop and someone knocks on the door and your just in your boxers. In order to reach my pants which are in the doorway to my room I have to go thru the hall and into the edge of the living room. Exposing myself to whoever may be looking in the window to see if anyone is home.. That was todays bit of TOO MUCH INFORMATION

This makes me happy. I REALLY hope that selloutica breaks up. I hate them at this point. Their older shit rocks socks. New shit sucks.

Hooker heros. Whores that changed the world.

Well thats it for now. Its been a slow week on the web. I had to really dig to find the good links that I like to post.. So maybe a short update later. I am going to girls after work tonight and then tommorow we have to meet with the priest again and go over our tests. ..

And use the comment thing. For the love of god.

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