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Man. I love crazy shit like this. My favorite part of old poplular mechanics and pop sci was the back ads for crazy shit like this..

If your a south park fan AND a star wars fan you may be interested in checking this out.

These monkey calls are getting better and fucking better. Yesterday I linked the one that Unxmaal showed me with the dieing fish. The original one has been yanked by ebay. This one is great though.
Its kind of become a fad of sorts. Searching ebay I found the following phone calls avaible to you:
Funny Joke phone call
Listen to me use the toilet phone call
A phone call from the king
Desert bad phone call
Flopping dieing fish phone call
Humorous Imitation Cow Phone Call And another cow call
And the one that started it all

And I think thats all of them


Here is a site with ALOT of pretty cool java games on it to play..

And then we have todays BLECH OF THE DAY. I mean.. come on. Tell me you have honsetly NEVER wanted to fuck a goose?
Heres a little quote followed by my take on it.
The goose will quickly bend his tail down and will hopefully be pushing directly into your mouth. -- BE CAREFUL!!-- When the goose orgasms, the penis will shoot out under a fair amount of pressure. During my learning process, the first time this happened, he moved and I got ejaculate shot up my nose
First of all. I did not know that a Goose penis could actually shoot out of its body! I would be more worried about getting the entire good penis lodged into my eye. And how does this work for the goose? Do you have to reload it like one of those GI Joe missles that you push the button and they launch?
And if I was a zoophile..I think the thought of getting goose ejaculate in my nose would scare me away from this whole thing...

But it would be cool to see a gooses penis detach from the body and shoot across the room..

Oh. Your dragon style is strong. But my Cane style is best!
Canemasters.com Teaching you how to beat someone with a stick!

SaraNova - Blowjob Freedom Fighter

Who is that masked man? Could it be.. NO! ITS THE LONE ROCKER!

I've been spending at least a hour out of every day reading Forum3000. Here are a couple really good threads I found this morning going thru the hall of fame.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 69, 42, sometimes the forum even hands out really good advice

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