Got 10 or 15 minutes to spare?

Then check this out. Click on the link then click on "See an animation about a cat" (or whatever it is it says there, i forget now). This site is THE most amusing thing i have seen in about ... well ... a few months at least. its like 10 minutes long at least though, so go when you have some time. its worth it.
im excited. i just found the best ever server on hotline, AND I have this new 30 gig just WAITING for some mp3s...in a day ive dled about 2 gig of pure punk...*sighs in exstacy* yes yes, this is a good day.
except for this pesky need to redo my page into easter colours...hmmm i think purple pink yellow baby blue and baby green will do the trick *idea* woo im off to try it now mwah!

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