I had a good title for this. But I can't remember it..

Well I'm up. My head hurts.. Ugh. God I made some REALLY good chicken alfredo. It was yummy.

How could someone hate squirrels so much? I mean. These guys REALLY hate them.. Pure and unadulterated hate.

I truely believe that science has gone to far when it comes to torturing peeps.

HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!! GO TO INTERNET RAGE AND VOTE FOR ME FOR SITE OF THE WEEK. It would so make me so fucking happy if I got site of the week.

By the way. I just put a new poll up. Just a temporary one while I get it all set up..

Only in wisconsin my friends.. ONLY in wisconsin.. I would even go as far as to say that they probably worship these things as gods descended to the earth.

Jesus.com got updated. You can now get the Jesus credit card. Greatness.

Uhhhhhh Yeah. It kind of freaks me out that I know someone who would jizz at this page. I think I will email it to him.

Go read X-entertainments upcoming oscar picks!

Allright. Well thats it for now. More later on.

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