Ugh part two

My day didn't get better
Not sure where i'm going in life
confusion abounds. Busy day tommorow.

Scott and I had a really good talk tonight after work. And we watched the crow. That movie rocks socks..

in the meantime here are some links for you all

Gadgets for god. Good stuff =-)

Take one sand pendulum. Add three parts earthquake. And what do you get? Earthquake art.

At least they are not life size "anatomically correct"...

Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen if you were to run all your base are belong to us thru bable fish about 80 times??
Well wonder no more.

So exactly what would a Jedi wedding be like?

Hmmm So this WOULD be considered stealing right? Damn conscience.

Disturbing search requests is a great site.

This is just a incredibly great picture. He looks so close to human..I guess maybe its all the Lancelot Link I used to watch.

This is really geek shit! I mean. Its a fucking mechanical hit counter!

And a couple quick fun ass games to wrap it up. Javanoid. Good old arkanoid.... Done quite well.

And Spyhunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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