Slow news night

There is not shit happening on the internet. So I am resorting to drinking

Its just not the same.. But maybe tonight SCott will have a sporting chance if we play mario party!

I guiess I could sit here and read forum3000 for hours on end. Like I so love to do. But I think I may to rent a movie and hope that mores happening tommorow..

But I'm gonna dig up some classic shit for you my friends

Lets see. LEts start off with bendy pretzle people. Ooooooooooooooo

Tooo lazy to find your own porn? LEt Jane do it for you!

I soooooooo wish this was a real show. It would rock the most socks.

Man. This is some major weird shit. Blech. Its fucked up.

This year luckily I won't be filling out the losers tax form.

This a domain name like this. People must FLOCK to you to buy your product..

Happy second birfday to metafilter. Its a very keek web site. I like it quite alot.

Segfault dot org is a great fake news site. Quite funny stuff. Allmost as good as the onion

Check out this early picture from the resident evil movie set?
i fucking loved milla in the 5th element

I'm allmost bored enough to do this.

Fuck it. I'm gonna go rent amoive and some games. I'm boredand I miss girl. really really really bad..

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