I love camping. I love the quite and total lack of people around. Its one of the few things I miss about NY. Family, friends, camping, the river. Those are pretty much the only things that I have missed about NY since I moved away allmost 3 years ago. Its pretty crazy thinking back to how things were before. How things were different. Every day I wake up and it seems like this is how its allways been until I drudge up some memories of the past and remember there were some good times before now.

I hate how people talk about how they hate their families and don't want anything to do with them. I think that whole thing got shoved out of my head when I was young and I lost my dad and my baby cousin. It took me a really long time to get over losing my dad. And I'm still not even over it. But I am more at terms with it. There were times when I felt like I didn't care if I lived or if I died. That loss and the hell of highschool and going thru it being fat and without anyone my age to share it all with hurt alot.

Looking back I realise that all of those little things make me who I am today. If I had have been hurt and scared when I moved down here to ohio I wouldn't have gotten into the fucked up relationship I was in, I wouldn't have moved where I live now. I wouldn't have the job I have. I would be engaged to the most wonderful and sexy girl in the world. I wouldn't have the great friends that I have now in my life.

Oh well. Fuck it. I am who I am. Go download "little things" by Good Charlotte
Its the little things, little things, That allways hang around
Its the little things, little things, That allways try to break me down.
its the little things, little things, Just won't go away
Its the little things, little things, Make me who I am today

I don't know why I am in such a funk today. Jamies home. So I should be doing a jig..
I guess I'm just out of it all for some reason.

I have to train this whole next week again. And then the week after. I'm completly broke. Infact Right now I am beyond broke. I am in debt. I have a huge ass utils bill that I can't even afford due in three days and if its not paid I don't have any more power.

So blah. Anyway. I started the process of cleaning up the side bar on here. I also added a comment thing at the end of each post. So please please please show some love and comment about posts.. What did you like.. what did you hate. Make yourself heard so I can make this site better. I'm going to actually break this post into two chunks. Each with their own seperate title. Shazam! Welcome to part two.

Gathering the fire of your delight.

I found this site a couple days ago. Its pretty good. I think I have posted similiar sites before. I am a big comic book fan. And some of the first porn I ever got off the internet (Off the old BBS I used to hang out before we had actual net access in my area) was drawings of super chicks and stuff. Here is another pretty good page. And if you scan the archives I had a shit load in there.

Next up we have this little shrine on the internet devoted to Revenge of the nerds. I wasn't aware that there were four movies in total. I think its odd how on the front page he puts "Currently this is the ONLY Revenge of the Nerds movie archive on the internet" He put only in all caps. Is it THAT much of a suprise to him? I also find it disturbing that this guy has a shrine devoted to Curtis "BOOGER" Armstrong. I mean. He was cool and everything.. but.

Ugly Internet is a cool website. Esentially its these guys harrassing crappy webmasters with crappy sites thru email and posting the ensueing conversations. Joel emailed the web-ejaculator of www.timecube.com and their conversation was quite funny. I may post that a bit later. Comment in the comments at the end of this post if you would like me to.

I'm not sure if I have posted this allready. But it was in my shit to post folder so It will be posted again. This is some sweet ass shit. I don't really like segas games or their systems, but they do make some bad assed toys. That last statement is paretly a lie though. Scott brought over his dreamcast and shenmu and I must say I am completely floored.. It was fucking AWESOME.

I guess I am very lucky that when I met Girl on IRC allmost three years ago that she didn't turn out to be a CORPSE HOARDING GRANNY!!!!!

Whats the only thing better then regurlar CosPlay?? SUPERCOSPLAY!!! Or as I like to call it crappy photoshopped cosplay.

If you enjoyed All your base are belong to us make sure to check here for more of the great stuff. And Engrish.com is another great resource for broken english.

This guy has alot of hate in his heart. But its a funny hate. So go read.

Are you geek enough that you would custom make your own stormtrooper suit? Well these guys are and they will sell/teach you how to do it yourself.

This guy is not talking for a whole year. But how the hell does he do radio interviews?

Here is a big guide on how to get laid on the internet. Step by step.

Right.. this guy is looking WAY too deep into britney spears lyrics. She sucks.. bottom line.

You are one of the lucky Americans who have the opportunity to Discover Hip Hop!
Doesn't that sound exciting? good times!

I've been digging for a BLECH OF THE DAY all day. And I can't really find one. This is kind of the closest that I got. Its really weird.. but not really gross. Its uhh.. Storys that this chick writes about her friends and family and enemies turning into kids. Weird.

This is MAJORLY bad ass. Make your own paper Cd cases. I need a printer!!!!!

Click here for more information about that aweful kitty porn that is happening all over.

If you have never been there before check out losers.org. ITs pretty good.

This is quite possibly the stupidest man on the planet. He plans on being the first person to break the sound barrier by FALLING.

Well I think thats it. I can't write any more. I'm spent. That was a hella post. Enjoy.

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