A new face in the crowd... er.. poster on JonsNews

OMG, this is my first post on JonsNews! What the hell am I gonna say?? I'm so pumped to be posting on a this kickass site with a kickass guy like jon. My life is all the more splendid.. hehe. Shit though, this rules. I wasn't expecting anything as cool as this to happen. Thanks jon!!!

Anyways, I don't know how the hell i'm gonna be able to post as good as Jon. He kicks so much ass.. and all those links, I can't find that many damn links to post! I hope you don't mind my having a slightly different style than Jon. I'm gonna try to please your eye! Whether i succeed or not is yet to be seen. Well, other than saying how much ass this kicks to be posting here I can't think of a single thing to say. I'll probly be outa commission for a couple days but i'll try to get my butt on here and put in a word or two. Later!


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