GREAT! My last quarter of college, 10 more weeks before I get to join the working force, and I get stuck with the a shitty economy to look forward to.
I've waited this long to become independant and to be able to make a living for myself, only to walk out into the world on unsteady ground. Not more than a few months ago, they were talking that the economy was the best it could get. America was great and prosperous. Then January hit, a new president was elected and now people aren't so sure. Looking back around the time of the Gulf War, the economy was the same way, unsteady, unstable and lacking promise. AAHH, connection.. never let a Bush into the whitehouse.
Its bad enough that our generation won't see Social Security and that we'll have to clean up after the baby boomers but just think how bad it will be for my future offspring.. Paying $10 for a gallon of gas, $20 for a pack of Marlboro's, and $1000 a month to heat their homes.
Ok, thats looking too far into the future, but at the current rates, it could happen.
Thats the price you have to pay for living in a "Free" country I suppose. Only if free means having to live day by day, sitting and waiting for one extramely old person to say wether the US economy is good or bad, then yes.. we live in a totally free country.
But for now I guess I'll have to make the best of whats been delt to me. I'll just have to keep a poker face and hold that ace up my sleeve a few rounds longer.

HEY!! Lexi, is there a need for Computer Science majors in Canada? Just curious.

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