Good new stuff.

Well.. I have been considering it for awhile, but today I finally did it.

I like to cook.. I love cooking for my friends and Girl. I really enjoy it. My plans in life right now involve owning my own restuarant within a couple years. So today I added a recipe section to the site. I love expirmenting with my cooking and this is where I will be putting recipes that I find.. Its just something different I guess. What a natural combination, E/N and cooking. Wizzbang shit here.

But anyways. Feel free to check it out. I think its kind of geek to cook. Or at least a different kind of geek. I suppose you can make anything geek...

So. On with the links!

This is the perfect site for those of you who have a plus sized goth in your life.

Do you work in a position where you hire and fire people? Is the hireing part easy but the rest is still a bit hard? Well fired.net is there to help you.
The guy in their banner is pretty funny. I just sent Cory a pink slip.. Fun times.

And here is the big dictionary of sexual terms. If I have ever called you trade or rough trade now you can know what I meant.

Its been awhile since I brought this up. But. IT FUCKING FLIES! I fucking know it. IT had to fly!

Its been while since I have posted some good old fashion fucked up furry porn. So here you go. It seems its a mix of both gay and straight furry with some Tentacle monster rape thrown in. (Click on adult and then scroll down to the bottom). And then you have this. Its what happens when you mix a furry freak with someone who knows too much java for their own good. Be sure to check out the undress a furry java game. And the odd shoot-a-furry game.

I think this quote from the next site is enough to sum up the wackyness and weirdness of it:
Then, quite unceremoniously, two of the animals began discharging a steady stream of a white, milky substance, that caught me square in the face. I was being doused with dolphin poop! Funny as it may seem, I guess I felt kind of honored to receive this anointing on my first occasion of swimming with the dolphins
Be sure to check out the dolphin space and time dance page!

Lawgiver.org. The one stop law resource for all of the militia members.

Here is the support page for girls with really small boobies.

This all your base site tops the other one I posted a couple days ago. So check it out.

And to round it out. Your BLECH OF THE DAY

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