Is it better to burn out or to fade away??

First. The last couple days I haven't posted much.. Just lots of stuff going on in my life..

I am completely broke and in debt. And having a internet connection is a cost I am going to have to go without. Cory suggested banners.. but I REFUSE to put a banner ad on this page. I hate them. I despise them. I loath them..

But I am also incredibly poor. Right now my budget does not even afford money for food.

But. I also put alot of work into making this page and keeping it up and making it something that you guys can enjoy. So I have a proposal. I will put a amazon payment thing on the right hand side. All I ask is that if you come to this page and find even the smallest bit of enjoyment that you give a little something. It doesn't have to be much. Even a dollar will help me out.. Every little bit will be so incredible apperciated. If I make 70 dollars this month (April) I will be able to keep the page up and continue updating it. If not.... the page closes at the end of next month..

I love this page. Its the first even remotely big thing I have ever done in my life. People out there actually make a effort to come here and see what I have written. If your reading this your probably one of them. Updating it makes me happy. Seeing people come here makes me happy. Its all very cathartic...

So for coming here for these months this site has been up I feel I owe you something for coming here and making me happy. So I'm not going to put some lame ass banner ad up. So giving money this way will keep a annoying banner ad out of here too. All you will have to see is the box on the right hand bar. If you have a buck or two please think about giving something back to this end.. To me it seems alot better then a banner ad. And I promise if you guys give me at least 60 bucks over the next 30 some days I will NEVER post another picture of my ass again. Its a fucking promise. And If we meet our goal (I saw ours because its a goal for you too if you enjoy the site) then I will continue posting. And we'll do it all over again the next month as long as I can make this page pay for my connection to the net then I will keep posting.

And its only 15 bucks a week if you want to think of it like that. I get about 50 - 100 hits a day. If different person that came here over a week gave one dollar the entire month would be paid for. AND any money given over the 70 bucks I will donate a portion of it to charity. Ok enough of that. I guess we will view it as a expiriment. If we do it then great. If not then I will say my goodbyes later.

Ok. I won't plug this again for the rest of the month, I may make a quick introduction page to mention it when you come here, and then if you've read it you can just bookmark the normal page.. Either it happens or it doesn't... So bring on the links!!!

I'm fucking terrified of heights. So this doesn't even fucking appeal to me in the least. Though I imagine after girl and I get married we'll find plenty of other weird places.

Its nice to see our new president is fucking WASTING OUR MONEY

Google has a swedish chef search engine!! FUCKING SWEET.


Oh fucking SWEET. This is some tight schwag. A fucking portable cd player that can play fucking VCDS TOO!

I've linked it along time ago... but text mode quake is fucking AWESOME

Now this link is for my best friend cory. I know he is going to be setting this as his homepage!

Corporage goth. For the working goth in your life.

X-entertainment has a new article up about the mysteries of the marvel universe.

And then go to this site and check out all these fucking awesome SNL parody commercials. I think I will dig up that site with all the celebrity jeopardy skits on it too to post later.

Well thats it for now. Thank you all again for just being part of this. No matter how it ends. And comment on this whole thing too. Do you think its good, bad, do you think I suck for asking???

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