Ugh.. Jon tired. Sleepy

Just a few links. Scott and I watched Young Frankenstein and talked some. By the way. Today Scott showed me a little preview of what he is working on with his site. I am quite impressed and I cannot wait for him to get it all back up..

There is a article over on SimEden about a possible The Sims TV show. If they do it like the commercials I think it would kick major ass. Just flesh it out from there. I also guess Drew Carey is doing a sims themed bit as well.

BurgerPipe. The fast food restuarant of the future.

Umm This is a site of women wrestling fans that like to.. Uhhh.. Fuck the wrestlers...

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY brought to you by any crazy fuck out there that would CHOP OFF THEIR LIMBS!
Your stupid. Fuck off. I Now have beutiful hooks. Someone set me up the bomb. Make your time

Ugh. I'm sorry. I really meant to not have a all your base quote. I suck..

Well. Its sleepy beddy time.. Big post in the morning..

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